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Jessie Deluxe Valentine's Day solo show!

Iconik Coffee Roasters, 1600 Lena St, Santa Fe


E l i x i r : The Five Senses A Valentine's Celebration

Iconik Coffee Roasters in collaboration with Hydra Collective brings you a festival for the senses in celebration of all things sensual. “Elixir: The Five Senses” brings together local artists and businesses to showcase their unique wares and talents, each highlighting one of the five senses. Attendees will enjoy live music, performance art, samples of locally crafted delicacies, a cash bar, a Valentine making station, fortune telling, henna & stick n’ poke tattoo, and the debut of a new art exhibit by Hydra Collective with contributions from One Billion Rising. Prepare to be tantalized and titillated at this cocktail party meets local expo, the perfect event to fly solo or bring your partner to share in the sensation.

$15/individul or $20/pair Tickets may be purchase in advance at Iconik Coffee Roasters

A r o m a t i c

doTerra Essential Oils + Kissing Booth

Pith Flowers by Jeanna Gienke

S a p i d

Kakawa Chocolate

Manolla by Senbi

Love Yourself Cafe

Sweet Lily Bakery

Iconik Coffee Roasters

Duel Brewing

Santa Fe Spirits

O c u l a r

Hydra Collective

One Billion Rising

Kasandra Fortune Telling

A u r a l

DJ EK aka Soul Time

Jessie Deluxe


Teach Me Equals

T a c t i l e

Stick n' Poke Tattoo by Talis Fortuna

Henna Tattoo by Tamarisk Rose

Chair Massage by Kara Duval & Adam Rowan

15 or 20 or 2 people


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